Hans E Andersson

Design, Visualization, Media, Corporate Branding and Concept Development

Specialized in visualization, concept development, product development, graphic design, education, web development and publishing, SEO, statistics, programming, printing, photography, image processing, film production (filming, editing, post production), presentation & exhibition technology, music, sound and multimedia production.

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Svenskt Trä (Swedish Wood)
Qulsar Inc.
Conemtech AB
ICA Fastigheter
Imsys AB
Synovate Temo
Region Dalarna
BNG Communications
Borlänge kommun
SWEMEGIN multimedia
Enköpings museum
Länsmuseet i Bohuslän
Trondelags folkemuseum
Västernorrlands länsmuseum
Västegötlans länsmuseum
Sjöhistoriska museet
Nordiska museet
Historiska museet

Work History

A detailed Work History can be found here.

Art Projects

ALFAOMEGA, (Kulturhuvudstad '98, Stockholm Cultural Capital)
Speaking cube in Borlänge
48 000 names in Borlänge
Move to Borlänge, vrml-project
Ways of eating, Paris
Represented in a number of art collections (Apoteksbolaget, Beckers and others)
Artistic leader in BAD-project (Bilden av Dalarna)





MFA – Master degree of fine arts

1986 - 1990 University College of Arts Craft and Design in Stockholm
1988 - 1990 Les Ateliers, Studies concerning Cultural Identity in Paris
1994 - 1996 Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm

Summary of Professional Qualifications

Film Production
Music and Audio Production
Media Development
Project and Product Development
Multimedia Production and Development
Exhibition and Presentation Techniques
Professional Web Designer and Programmer
Web Applications, Development and Interface interaction
3D Modeling, Animation and Visualization
Photography and Image manipulation
Teacher and Lecturer
Artist / Designer

Other Qualifications

Teaching experience through INSAM, Academy of Fine Arts as well as lectures;
Ability to analyze, criticize, and verbalize image and concept creations;
Extensive experience programming in Perl, SQL, PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, Bash, ActionScript (Flex / Flash), 3D scripting language, VRML, HTML/HTML5, CSS, XML, Lingo;
Extensive experience of UNIX systems for automation and server use;
Many years of experience in both commercial and artistic activities;
Large capacity for work and ability to "get things done".



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