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With years of experience in panoramic imagery and interactive VR techniques for various clients, I've adapted and optimized a panorama player for this site, initially crafted in Flash/Flex. By converting previously written Lingo code to JavaScript and HTML5, this player now offers an enhanced web experience.

Click and drag in the image below.

Fill window with panorama above.

The screenshot underneath illustrates the former incarnation of the panorama player, designed in Flash/Flex, which implemented code originally penned in Lingo.

HEAMEDIA Panorama Player

The HEAMEDIA Panorama Player was a Flex-based viewer tailored to showcase expansive panoramas. It could function as either a standalone entity or be embedded within a webpage. This player retrieved metadata about the panorama via a CGI script from a web server and integrates features from Google Maps. If you'd like further details, please get in touch with me.

View more sample panoramas here.

Rich Multimedia

"Pre Histories" multimedia DVD, developed for The Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm. In this endeavor I specifically designed and developed a panorama player for a deeper, more immersive storytelling experience. During its initial stages, Adobe Director was the tool of choice, given its advanced 3D capabilities and proficiency in showcasing extensive images mapped onto 3D entities – a clear demonstration of rich multimedia's potential in vividly animating history.


You're also invited to view this page for a selection of panoramas from the "Forntider" multimedia DVD, courtesy of Historiska museet (The Museum of National Antiquities, Stockholm, Sweden).


Should you wish to delve deeper, don't hesitate to reach out.

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