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Swedish Wood
Svenskt Trä

Since 2015, my association with Swedish Wood has been multifaceted, ranging from exhibition design and graphic visualization to an increasing emphasis on film production. Featured below is a selection of our collaborative projects from 2015 to 2022.

Film Production Highlights

Swedish Wood Instagram Content

This section presents video content crafted for Instagram, encapsulating the essence of "Träpriset 2020" - The Swedish Wood Award.


Watch video clips.

Visit @swedishwood or @svenskttra on Instagram.

Träpriset 2020 - The Swedish Wood Award

For the Träpriset 2020, I produced a series of videos detailing the award's significance, profiling each of the 12 nominees, and finally announcing the winner.

You can view the individual short films, which were showcased during the Träprisgalan event at Berns Salonger for the Swedish Wood Award 2020, here.


For a comprehensive view of all twelve nominees presented at Amos Rex in Helsinki in 2021, click here.

The Swedish Wood Award: 50th Anniversary

In honor of the 50-year legacy of Träpriset (the Swedish Wood Award), we produced a series of 50 short films. I was responsible for half of these productions, spotlighting influential figures pivotal to the Swedish wood industry's development over the decades.



Design Work

Illuminated Curved Wall, APX MOCKBA NEXT 2017

Träpriset 2016, The Swedish Wood Award – Swedish Embassy, Tokyo, Japan

I conceived and executed the entire concept for the Träpriset 2016 presentation at the Swedish Embassy in Japan. From the original idea to graphical design, constructing a self-supporting illuminated wall that didn't require any attachments to the embassy's infrastructure, to collaborating with BigImage for its construction and ensuring its safe transportation to Tokyo, the project was a comprehensive undertaking.


Illuminated Images Exhibition Concept

An innovative design concept, the "L-Profile", was conceptualized for the Swedish Wood Award 2016. Explore the modular configurations below..

The modules can be placed in different configurations.


Träpriset 2016, The Swedish Wood Award at Nalen, Stockholm

Sample images showcasing the exhibition from Nalen

Swedish Wood Award 2016

Swedish Wood Fair in Göteborg


Träpriset 2016, Swedish Wood Award exhibition at Nalen, Stockholm.


Träpriset 2016, Swedish Wood Award exhibition at Nalen, Stockholm.



Design and Development – Interactive exhibition kiosk for Swedish Wood Award 2016 and 2020 exhibitions.


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