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Overview and some samples of different types of work and clients.


(Semiconductor Company)
Corporate Branding, visual identity, web, document management, CMS, server for web and email, etc.


Conemtech is a technology company where my work has been everything from branding, building and designing websites that are edited with online WYSIWYG tool, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), product presentations, product photography, advertising materials, documentation management for manuals, installation software, web server functionality for registered users (registration, download, accessing password-protected materials), and CMS to manage registered users, files, statistics and documents.


Industrial History
Further development and refinement of work begun with Lundgrens in 2009.


Database for document and images as well as a public web open for contributions.


Mission funded by the National Heritage Board in order to document a unique piece of Swedish industrial history.


This work resulted in six documentary films about the frame making industry in Gustafs and suggestions for development of Lundgrens to a frame making center.

The Museum of National Antiquities

Web design, image database design, VR presentations, film production, CMS, multimedia production, etc.

The Museum of National Antiquities

Many years cooperation began on the development of their first Web in 1996 (and a number of revisions after this, latest in 2002), building their first public and searchable image database, content management system for web in 2002. In addition, I have done three major multi-media publications: The Viking Birka, the Viking period (ISBN 91-89176-20-0) and Pre Histories (ISBN 91-89176-34-0). These publications are distributed to all Swedish schools in order to increase the interest in history. We were early to use VR techniques for the presentation of rooms and objects (1996 onwards). Other assignments have been film production, support, maintenance and batch conversion capabilities of large amounts of images.

The Swedish National Heritage Board

Web design, film production, concept development and education.

The Swedish National Heritage Board

I have had many different types of projects for the National Heritage Board. One example is concept development of a cultural portal. The project was to try to find an interface that is based on the local heritage and make the contents of the central / regional databases useful in local context. The problem is that heritage often try to create or enhance the public interest by presenting the country's "showpieces". It has also concentrated the teaching of these objects. Another objective was to seek out a way to increase the relevance and representativeness by encouraging equity and common meaning and that new items be addressed. Other examples of assignments within the National Heritage Board has been web design, film production and education.

Imsys Technologies

Technology Company
Web, Content Management Development, Shop, Imagery, Print and Technical Support.


Many projects to help the customer communicate via the web with product presentations, support for registered users, information materials for trade shows and press, image requests, product photography, graphic charts, construction and maintenance of web and mail server, automated encrypted backup, online shop, and more.

Synovate Temo

Research Company
Film and media productions.

Synovate TEMO

The collaboration resulted in a number of films in various projects which sought to clarify and strengthen the research methods and results.

The Maritime Museum

Film production, audio production and DVD authoring.


Film Production about "Maritime Museum's collections of models" that resulted in five short films. The work included the film, editing, post production, film with a medical endoscope camera, music and delivery.

I also did work for a temporary exhibition "Baltic treasures." My part consisted of mixing an underwater room audio in 5.1, and DVD authoring for other parts of the exhibition.

Nordiska museet

Webb, interaction, design and media development.

Nordiska museet

Worked within the museum to create new Web and to increase interaction and contact with the audience via the Internet. (See more projects further down)

BNG Communications / The Region of Dalarna

Strategic Communications Company
Concept development, art direction, inspiration and media producer.

The Region of Dalarna

A number of projects over the years, several projects relating to regional growth. Examples of projects are "The Image of Dalarna" for Region Dalarna. Another is a concept development of the Falun World Heritage. My main contribution has been to introduce and verbalizing conditions for creative processes. Other assignments have been film and art events.

The Region of Dalarna

Enköpings City Museum

True multimedia project

Enköping City Museum

Film production of "Albertus Pictor". Available to see in the museum's permanent exhibition


More of my video works here

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