The Maritime Museum

Sjöhistoriska museet, Stockholm
Film production, audio production and DVD authoring.

The Maritime Museum's collections of models. It resulted in five short films. The work included the film, editing, post production, film with a medical endoscope camera, music and delivery for the exhibitions in 2000.


S/S Aeolus

A film about the magnificent model S/S Aeolus at the Maritime Museum in Stockholm


The model is partially filmed with an medical endoscope camera. Format SD video for DVD, 480p.


Model collection

Hans-Lennart Ohlsson talks about the the Maritime Museum's model collections.


Format SD video for DVD, 480p.


Model Makers

Model builder Stefan Bruhn talks about the building of the Lake Mälaren yacht (mälarjakten) and how to make rope with a rope-making machine, the Maritime Museum 2000.


Format SD video for DVD, 480p.


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