Content Management System

The main goal when creating a content management system is that it has to be the "the tool of choice". If this primary goal is not met, users of that system will look for ways to get around it's limitations. This is a system that has been in development for over 14 years meeting different client needs. The main purpose of this system is that it is secure, flexible and adoptable for customer needs.


  • Fast and secure frontend
  • Very secure backend
  • A quick and easy way to add text in a scrapbook way
  • Easy publishing of content
  • Revision control
  • Easy management of web structure
  • Image and media database
  • Customer download based on credentials
  • Customer access based on credentials
  • Document and image access based on client credentials
  • Licence key system and generation
  • Media management of images, movies and sounds
  • Email account manager
  • FTP access and user manager
  • Management of server tasks such as backup, Apache configuration, MTA, etc

Product Description


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Additional Support and Services

  • Installation and configuration
  • Custom CMS modules based on customer needs
  • Web shop, product management user feedback, etc
  • SSL certificate installation and configuration
  • Custom webdesign
  • Additional media handling


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