Content Management System

The paramount goal in creating a content management system is for it to be the "go-to tool". If it fails to meet this core objective, users will invariably seek alternatives to bypass its limitations. This system, refined over the course of 14 years to meet diverse client needs, fulfills that purpose. Its primary attributes are security, flexibility, and adaptability to customer requirements.


  • Fast and secure frontend
  • Highly secure backend
  • Quick, scrapbook-style text addition
  • Simplified content publishing
  • Version control
  • Intuitive web structure management
  • Comprehensive image and media database
  • Secure customer downloads based on credentials
  • Access control based on customer credentials
  • License key system and generation
  • Media management of images, movies and sounds
  • Integrated email account manager
  • FTP access and user manager
  • Server task management including backup, Apache configuration, Mail Transfer Agent, etc.

Product Description


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Additional Support and Services

  • Installation and configuration
  • Custom CMS modules based on customer needs
  • Web shop, product management user feedback, etc
  • SSL certificate installation and configuration
  • Custom web design
  • Additional media handling

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