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Approximately 90% of my music revolves around various string instruments. While I have a penchant for synthesizers and acknowledge the captivating sounds generated by oscillators, it's essential to highlight that many synthesizer tones actually originate from post-processing techniques, such as filters, chorus, and delay. These effects can be equivalently applied to traditionally recorded sounds, offering a distinctive auditory experience.


My creative muse is predominantly anchored in minimalist music. As I immerse myself in melodies, I value their innate ability to metamorphose within my psyche, often unveiling nuances that aren't overtly articulated—essentially, the sound between sounds. Repetition emerges as an influential instrument in cultivating this sensation. I'm steadfast in my belief that silence holds as much gravitas as its sonic counterpart; the decisions we bypass can resonate as profoundly as the ones we embrace.


Hans E Andersson


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