Audio Context

Utilizing JavaScript, Canvas, and AudioContext

Explore audio analysis through the practical application of JavaScript, Canvas, and AudioContext. These combined technologies allow for comprehensive Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) audio analyses. See how complex audio data can be converted into visual representations in a straightforward manner.

The demonstration above employs both Time Domain Analyser data and Frequency Domain Analyser to offer a more comprehensive audio analysis.

Interweaving Music and Visual Graphics

Minimalist music greatly influences my creative process. Its seeming simplicity, repetitive patterns, subtle variations, and profound silences invite listeners to create evolving soundscapes in their minds, often giving rise to elements not explicitly present in the composition. The silence can resonate as loudly as the sound, the absence as significant as the presence. This understanding guides my approach to creating music, and, interestingly, it mirrors my work as a visual communicator.


Making music in my studio in the same time as trying different cameras and lightning setups.

The recent example of the AudioContext in JavaScript, drawing on Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) audio analyses, showcases this synergy. Complex audio data is converted into visual representations, making the unseen seen, much like unplayed notes in minimalist music come alive in the listener's mind. This interplay between sound and visuals, presence and absence, choice and restraint, is a testament to the shared principles underlying music and visual communication.

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