Noise Reduction

Removing unwanted noise from a recording can be a tricky thing. It is not always we have the benefit of being in a perfect recording environment with perfect gear.

Try Multiband Compression/Expansion

How to use Waves C4 as a noise reduction tool.

The thing that bothered me with this recording was the high frequency noise. Listen carefully in the high frequency range.

You will need to use headphones to be able to hear what is going on in the video.


This is what the Waves manual says:

Now preview an audio segment where the wanted signal is present, and make sure it is indeed enough above the threshold(s) so that no gain reduction takes place (the yellow line is at 0dB gain).

Pay attention to the problematic passages, where the signal fades out or other soft sections where the audio comes closer to the noise level; careful adjustment of Threshold is required there to avoid too much degradation of the signal itself.

Other Tools and Approaches

The C4 approach described above can be done with any multiband compressor as long as it has the capability to work in expander mode.

Try Logic Pro Multipressor

The idea here is to use it as a multiband expander rather than as a compressor.

You will need to use headphones to hear what is going on in the video.

To me, it has been more difficult to get a satisfying results with the Multipressor compared with the Waves C4 method.

Reaper ReaFir Noise Reduction

Reaper has an interesting FFT Dynamic Processor plug-in called ReaFir that can be used for noise reduction.

The result is somewhat swooshy, as I have experienced with many other noise reduction tools.

A long time ago I tested Waves X-noise, with some good results but it is an expensive and specialized bundle. Also it created a lag in the system making it impossible to do live recornings. Another problem is that most noise reduction tools easily creates swooshy artifacts. For me, multiband compression/expansion works best and gives the least distortion of the sound.


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