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Many years of professional experience in visualization, concept development, product development, graphic design, education, web, SEO, statistics, programming, printing, photography, image processing, film production, presentations, exhibition technology, music, sound and multimedia production.

What I Can Offer

A consulting firm can supply a programmer that "knows the tools" and an advertising agency gives you "image seeing" to select profile. But my offer includes both areas. I know how to use the tools to accomplish not only a company's needs in terms of configuration and profile, but also skills to develop functions in external and internal customer interfaces.

Working closely with interested parties where the transfer of knowledge is as important as the work itself, to lift the competence level so that everyone understands the work and the process (what needs to be done to make thing happen). Half the result usually consists of asking the right questions. Without knowledge and support, preconceived expectations and often badly managed results.

Professional Qualifications

Film Production
Music and Audio Production
Artist / Designer
Media Development
Web Design and Programming
Web Applications, Development and Interface interaction
Project and Product Development
Multimedia Production and Development
Exhibition and Presentation Techniques
3D Modeling, Animation and Visualization
Photography and Image manipulation
Teacher and Lecturer

A detailed Work History can be found here.

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