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Trying to find a suitable way to present 3D content on the web with good performance without killing your CPU has not been easy. There are a lot of different ways of doing this, but the Three.js library is by far the best WebGL framework I've ever tested

Saab 91 Safir

Saab Safir, WebGL example or a screenshot

WebGL will deliver hardware accelerated 3D content, if supported by your graphics card. The interesting thing is that the WebGL framework has been supported in newer iPhones and iPads for quite a while. Previously, only for Ads but now supported in iOS 8, Safari and Chrome. There has been some security issues with this technique since it has direct access to the hardware. WebGL will work with most modern browsers

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Viggen WebGL

AJS Viggen

View WebGL example

(or view screenshot 1, screenshot 2, screenshot 3)


Sparman WebGL


View WebGL example

(or view screenshot)

Tested on the following browsers (without hacks):

Firefox V. 15+
Internet Explorer V. 11+
Safari V. 6.0+ (5.03 will not work)
Safari iOS 8+ (iPad Air)
Chrome iOS 8+ (iPad Air)
Safari iOS 8+ (iPhone 5)
Chrome iOS 8+ (iPhone 5)
Chrome V. 21+
Opera V. 12+ (have not checked for a while)

WebGL will not work in any older browsers

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