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Finding an efficient way to present 3D content on the web with high performance without overtaxing your CPU has historically been a challenge. Various methods exist, but the Three.js library stands out as the premier WebGL framework I've encountered.

Saab 91 Safir

Saab Safir, WebGL example or a screenshot

WebGL, when supported by your graphics card, delivers hardware-accelerated 3D content. Interestingly, the WebGL framework has been supported on newer iPhones and iPads for some time. Initially only for Ads, but now supported in iOS 8, Safari, and Chrome. There have been some security concerns with this technique due to its direct hardware access. However, WebGL works with most modern browsers.

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Viggen WebGL

AJS Viggen

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Sparman WebGL


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Qg-2-3D_512px.jpg WebGL

Qg 2 Rev C

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