heamedia (Hans E Andersson portfolio)

The Oracle

"Cubans in exile shattered future," the DN June 13, 1991

The story in terms of contemporary, a kind of causality. The image as an expression of multiple ONE. Not as a result or a line of events but as one, in- and at the same time beyond time, causality.


I read the whole ad as one image. I know it is about the same body (form), nevertheless it is viewed from three sides at the same time. The pictures gives me an impression of simultaneity or synchronicity.


Underlying Context

The underlying background summarizes the three images and make them one.





Picture illustrating the concept of double-image, text and context in the same visible place.



Synchronous History

The picture (situation) fits the story visible in the full light. The story is thus not obscured. Cycles and continuity, the beginning and end. This is not the proper context, but the mold entry and exit, animation of context.


Hans E Andersson 1991-07-13

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