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Historiska Museet
The Museum of National Antiquities

Web design, image databases, VR presentations, film production, content management systems, multimedia productions, and more

SHM Interface

Since 1996, my enduring partnership with the Museum of National Antiquities has been at the forefront of digital innovation in the field of historical presentation. Initially, I was responsible for crafting their inaugural website, a project that has seen multiple updates culminating in a comprehensive overhaul in 2002. That same year, I pioneered the development of their first publicly accessible, searchable image database and an intuitive content management system. Our collaborative efforts also yielded three significant multimedia publications: 'The Viking Birka,' 'The Viking Period' (ISBN 91-89176-20-0), and 'Pre Histories' (ISBN 91-89176-34-0), which were distributed across Swedish schools to spark a passion for history among students. From the onset, we embraced VR technology to revolutionize how historical spaces and artifacts are presented, starting as early as 1996. Our endeavors extended to include film production, providing ongoing support and maintenance, and managing the batch conversion and processing of vast image collections.

SHM Imagery

Case Study on Advanced Image Magnification Techniques

Case Study of Image Magnification

The development of image magnification technology crafted for the "Pre Histories" Multimedia DVD. This case study showcases the process behind enhancing historical imagery for an immersive educational experience.

Engaging Rich Multimedia

Explore a panoramic sample from the "Pre Histories/Forntider" multimedia DVD, developed exclusively for the Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm, Sweden. It's important to note that the original production was designed as a multimedia DVD, and the visuals provided here serve solely for demonstration purposes.

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Pre Histories/Forntider, Historiska museet, The Museum of National Antiquities, Stockholm, HEAMEDIA 2007

Forntider, Pre Histories / Virtual Tour of the Exhibition
Pre Histories, Multimedia DVD. ISBN 91-89176-34-0. Historiska museet, The Museum of National Antiquities, Stockholm, Sweden

Forntider, Pre Histories, Product Image, Screenshot

Pre Histories/Forntider, Historiska museet, The Museum of National Antiquities, Stockholm, Shockwave Show, HEAMEDIA 2007

Production and Media Management Interface

Gathering material can be a time-consuming task, and writing text and metadata can be an even more challenging endeavor. Without proper database management and document storage, recalling past work from 10 years ago can be nearly impossible.

To address these challenges, a web interface was developed, allowing for last-minute edits, changes, and additions during the production process. This ensures users can easily access the most recent and accurate version.

Example web interface streamlines image editing and metadata management for multimedia production.

CMS Interface

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