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This content management system is module-based and highly customizable, catering to a wide variety of data management requirements. The CMS is composed of a front-end and a back-end, each operating independently, with the exception of the shared content.

All graphical user interface components are vector-based, enabling easy reconfiguration to match various color schemes.


The Editor

The Editor module in the CMS boasts a hierarchical structure that can be utilized in the front-end to auto-generate a navigation structure. Each document can be assigned specific restrictions based on different public needs. For instance, it can require the visitor to possess certain access credentials such as being a registered user, a paying customer, or holding other specific credentials.

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Additional Features

The CMS also includes a Revision Control feature, which keeps track of all changes made to a document, providing a detailed history and allowing for easy reversion to previous versions if needed.

Moreover, it allows for efficient management of meta data, a crucial aspect for optimizing social media engagement. This ensures that your content is always ready for sharing and can be effectively promoted on various social media platforms.

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Editing Flexibility

The CMS offers versatility in content editing. Users can choose between a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mode for a more intuitive, user-friendly experience, or HTML mode for those who prefer direct control over the page structure and elements. This flexibility caters to both less tech-savvy users and those with a deeper understanding of web design.

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Organized Content Management

The CMS provides a structured list view of your documents, making it easy to navigate through your content. Additionally, it offers the ability to sort documents based on your preferred criteria, ensuring your content is organized exactly how you want it. This feature streamlines the content management process, providing a clear overview and quick access to all your documents.

Document Sort Order

Efficient Editing with Batch Mode

The CMS offers a powerful Search and Replace function in batch mode. This feature allows you to make widespread changes across multiple documents simultaneously, saving you significant time and effort. Whether it's updating a recurring term or correcting a common typo, batch mode ensures consistent and efficient editing across your content.

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Image Database Management

The CMS comes equipped with a comprehensive image database management system that allows for easy handling of a variety of image formats including JPG, BMP, CR2, TIF, PSD, PNG, GIF, PCT, EPS, SVG, and Adobe Illustrator. Each image is stored in three different resolutions: thumbnail, medium size, and original.

My system offers robust meta-information editing tools, enabling you to efficiently manage your image assets. Moreover, the CMS supports batch mode processing for image uploads, including the ability to upload complete ZIP or TGZ archives containing hundreds of images directly into the database. This flexibility allows for data entry in either single or batch mode, ensuring seamless management of your image database.

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Rights Management for Images

Just like documents, each image in the database can be managed with specific access rights. This feature ensures secure image handling, making it impossible for unauthorized users to view the image without the correct credentials. This level of control reinforces the security and integrity of your image database.

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