Cleaning up car interview

Work flow and settings for a interview in a noisy environment. The original sound came from a car which and had a lot of background noise. The plug-ins I'm using here comes from Waves but you can do this with any other plug-ins. (Roland in this document is the name of a person and does not refer to the instrument manufacturer :-)

Soundtrack session exported from Final Cut Pro.

Soundtrack MultiTrack

Project Window

Soundtrack MultiTrackMixer

Mixer window

Filter order on Fx sub mix, (voice only)

1) REQ 2

Waves REQ2 setup

Remove unnecessary low frequency rumble but don't be to brutal

2) C4 (for noise reduction)

Waves C4 Noise Reduction Setup

Please, note that this setting is for a noisy wireless Sennheiser microphone. You can read more about using this great plug-in as a noise reduction tool here.

3) RComp

Waves RComp Setup

Some compression can be useful to even out levels

4) REQ 6

Waves REQ6 Setup

Enhancement EQ, if necessary

5) L3-LL

Waves L3-LL Setup

Final level control

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