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Sample work and descriptions of collaboration projects with The Swedish National Heritage Board (agency of the Swedish government that is responsible for heritage and historic environment issues).

Cultural Heritage in the Making: 2008

A short introduction film about The Swedish National Heritage Board (Riksantikvarieämbetet) describing their field of work. Presented at the "Add Modernism", Cultural Heritage Conference at Moderna museet 2007.

Cultural Heritage in the Making Cultural Heritage in the Making Cultural Heritage in the Making


Svenska Industriminnen: 1999

Film and editing work for Riksantikvarieämbetet about old Swedish industrial sites and cultural heritage.

Svenska Industriminnen Svenska Industriminnen Svenska Industriminnen


Concept for User-Based Cultural Heritage Interface: 2005

Kulturmiljöportal Riksantikvarieämbete

Often, cultural heritage management sought to create or enhance the public interest by presenting the country's "showpieces". It has also concentrated the teaching of these objects.

The goal of this project was to increase the interest by starting from the local heritage and make the contents of the central / regional registries useful in local context. Another goal was to increase the relevance and representativeness by encouraging equity and common meaning and that new items are highlighted.

In practice

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